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Various folk have done quite a bit of work over the years tracing the history of the Argles family. So far, it looks like every Argles in the world seems to be descended from Thomas Argles of Sutton Valence (Kent, UK) who lived from 1670 to 1735. Some of it needs tidying up, but hopefully, with a bit of collaboration, we should be able to fill in the blanks. Also, there's a problem with working out where Thomas came from. So come on you Argles's, let's see what we can do!

I've only dabbled in this genealogy stuff, but have been stunned at the number of websites and organisations that seem to reckon that there's good money to be made in this area. This goes counter to the grain for someone who is used to information being made freely available for the good of all. So anything that might possibly be useful to you is free on this site. However, I am not going to publish recent family history on the basis that it could be used for identity theft.

If you want to make contact, please don't expect considered answers quickly. Also - I only know about what I've inherited, so I don't know many of the answers. And I don't talk "genealogy-speak," so I can quickly get lost if the conversation gets technical. What I plan to do, therefore, is to build up a store of all the "Argles" resources that I have available or that others pass on, together with some tools for sorting things out together, like a forum. It might be useful to have a members' area, but I guess that will all develop in time as the need grows.