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I've now managed to make a start on putting the Argles Family tree data into a database. This is as a result of coming across "GRAMPS", an excellent free "Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System" (see http://gramps-project.org/). It appears to only be available for Linux - too bad if you use Microsoft! Since it produces a rather nice set of web pages, for now I'll just give a link to it and fire it up in a separate window, rather than trying to integrate it into this site.

Please note!!

  1. The data for this family tree is based on Charles Marsham Argles' fine work back in the 1970s. I have a copy of this as a result of my own father working with Charles in order to get our own family details right.
  2. Putting all the data in is going to take some time (a rather precious commodity), so as yet, it's still incomplete.
  3. There may also be some variations as far as getting dates and other details right - as far as I'm aware, there might even be some names wrong. I recollect someone pointing out that we had "Peter John" for one Argles, when it should have been "Peterjon" or something like that.
  4. I'll be pleased to hear from you wrt corrections - or anything else - but I may take some time to respond.
  5. Also, I've followed the example of the government in taking the database only as far as 100 years ago. I've got more recent data, but there's no way I'm going to publish it in these days of identity theft! So you'll have to make the connection back to 100 years ago yourself!

The rest of this page has various Argles-related details that might be of interest. Actually, the more recent stuff is really only my family tree, so it only follows through to my own forebears. First, I'll include a document with details of Thomas Argles of Sutton Valence and his immediate descendants.

  1. Early History:

    Argles Coat of arms
    Some of us reckoned that there was a link between the Argles family and the Argall family. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the Argles family owned land in Sutton Valence near Maidstone, where a branch of the Argalls settled. Secondly, the Argall coat of arms is very similar to the Argles one. Thirdly, there was a Thomas Argall who married an Anne Wilde at around about the time that Thomas Argles married Ann Wildish - very tempting as a link! However, Ian Argall has done some excellent work on the Argall family and has conclusively proved that the Thomas Argall/Thomas Argles link is spurious. Oh well, back to the drawing board... Nevertheless, I'll leave the following part of the Argall family tree visible, even though it's a red herring. Maybe it will be useful to someone?
    Argall Coat of arms
    John Argall of London
    (ii)Emme Botcher or Butcher
    Thomas Argall of London
    Margaret Talkerne or Tallakerne or Talkarne
    Richard Argall of Sutton
    (i)Joan Marten
    (ii)Mary Scott
    John Argall of Much Baddow JP
    Sarah Graunt or Grant
    Thomas Argall of Much Baddow JP
    m Alice Harris
    Thomas Argall
    1637-bef. 1691
    Anne Wilde

  2. An early (as yet) unverified part of the family tree:
    With thanks to Daniel Hill for the lead!
    Thomas Argles
    (~1580 - 27/1/1628)
    m ?
    Thomas Argles
    (1605 - ?)
    m ?
    Thomas Argles of Fletching, Sussex
    (1625 - ?)
    m ?
    Thomas Argles of Fletching, Sussex
    (4/3/1644 - ?)

  3. Verified family tree:
    The next table gives the Argles family tree from Thomas Argles of Sutton Valence through to my forebears. See above for comments on this.
    Thomas Argles of Sutton Valence
    (1670 - 1735)
    m 1) Rachel (d. 1692)
    2) Ann Wildish (m. 1695)
    Thomas Argles of Sutton Valence
    (1702 - 1755)
    m Mary Coppin (1702 - 1789)
    Thomas Argles of Maidstone
    (1735 - 1808)
    Esther Archambo (1731 - 1768)
    Edward Argles (1762 - 1825) m
    Catherine Bartram (1767 - 1853)
    Edward Thomas Argles of Epping
    Architect & banker (1787 - 1855)
    Laetitia Elizabeth Arnold (1791 -)
    Thomas Archambo Argles
    Gentleman (1820 - 1875)
    Susan Walter
    William Thomas Argles of London
    Builder (1857 - 1933)
    Helen Gertrude Callum (1864 - 1926)
    William Archambo Argles of Neasden
    Company Director (1890 - 1975)
    Julia Maud Ambridge (1887 - 1972)

  4. More detail on our early forebears:
    For now, I'll put this up as an rtf (Rich Text Format) document which should be directly readable by most word processors, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office -> Early Argles. Please remember that all information is subject to potential errors - I was interested to see that Burkes Landed Gentry gives inconsistent information on the Argles family, so if they can get it wrong, I don't feel so bad! Any corrections gratefully received.

  5. An interesting early link:
    I've been passed a reference to an Argles who predates any other that I've seen so far. I've not had time to follow it up yet, but if you do, please let me know what you find out! The link is to a court case, Argles v Charman and others, which is dated between 1625 and 1649. Could this be the link that helps us sort out where Thomas of Sutton Valence came from?