Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth

Birth Name Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth
Gramps ID I0018
Gender female
Age at Death 64 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1791    
Death 1855 Aylesbury  


    Family of Argles, Thomas of Epping and Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth [F0003]
Married Husband Argles, Thomas of Epping [I0017]
  1. Argles, Maria [I0186]
  2. Argles, Marian [I0188]
  3. Argles, Harriett [I0190]
  4. Argles, Eileen [I0191]
  5. Argles, George [I0192]
  6. Argles, Emily [I0193]
  7. Argles, Edward [I0195]
  8. Argles, Kate [I0203]
  9. Argles, Laetitia [I0204]
  10. Argles, John Archambo [I0205]
  11. Argles, Charlotte [I0206]
  12. Argles, Peter [I0207]
  13. Argles, Thomas Archambo [I0015]


    1. Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth
      1. Argles, Thomas of Epping [I0017]
        1. Argles, Thomas Archambo [I0015]
        2. Argles, Maria [I0186]
        3. Argles, Marian [I0188]
        4. Argles, Harriett [I0190]
        5. Argles, Eileen [I0191]
        6. Argles, George [I0192]
        7. Argles, Emily [I0193]
        8. Argles, Edward [I0195]
        9. Argles, Kate [I0203]
        10. Argles, Laetitia [I0204]
        11. Argles, John Archambo [I0205]
        12. Argles, Charlotte [I0206]
        13. Argles, Peter [I0207]