Argles, Thomas Archambo

Birth Name Argles, Thomas Archambo
Gramps ID I0015
Gender male
Age at Death 87 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1820    
Death 1907 Brentford  
Marriage     to Susan Walter
Marriage 1875 Westminster  
Occupation     Gentleman


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Argles, Thomas of Epping [I0017]
Mother Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth [I0018]
         Argles, Thomas Archambo [I0015]
    Sister     Argles, Maria [I0186]
    Sister     Argles, Marian [I0188]
    Sister     Argles, Harriett [I0190]
    Sister     Argles, Eileen [I0191]
    Brother     Argles, George [I0192]
    Sister     Argles, Emily [I0193]
    Brother     Argles, Edward [I0195]
    Sister     Argles, Kate [I0203]
    Sister     Argles, Laetitia [I0204]
    Brother     Argles, John Archambo [I0205]
    Sister     Argles, Charlotte [I0206]
    Brother     Argles, Peter [I0207]


    Family of Argles, Thomas Archambo [F0002]
  1. Argles, William Thomas [I0013]


  1. Argles, Thomas of Epping [I0017]
    1. Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth [I0018]
      1. Argles, Maria [I0186]
      2. Argles, Marian [I0188]
      3. Argles, Harriett [I0190]
      4. Argles, Eileen [I0191]
      5. Argles, George [I0192]
      6. Argles, Emily [I0193]
      7. Argles, Edward [I0195]
      8. Argles, Kate [I0203]
      9. Argles, Laetitia [I0204]
      10. Argles, John Archambo [I0205]
      11. Argles, Charlotte [I0206]
      12. Argles, Peter [I0207]
      13. Argles, Thomas Archambo
          1. Argles, William Thomas [I0013]