Argles, Emily

Birth Name Argles, Emily
Gramps ID I0193
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Argles, Thomas of Epping [I0017]
Mother Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth [I0018]
    Brother     Argles, Thomas Archambo [I0015]
    Sister     Argles, Maria [I0186]
    Sister     Argles, Marian [I0188]
    Sister     Argles, Harriett [I0190]
    Sister     Argles, Eileen [I0191]
    Brother     Argles, George [I0192]
         Argles, Emily [I0193]
    Brother     Argles, Edward [I0195]
    Sister     Argles, Kate [I0203]
    Sister     Argles, Laetitia [I0204]
    Brother     Argles, John Archambo [I0205]
    Sister     Argles, Charlotte [I0206]
    Brother     Argles, Peter [I0207]


    Family of Cook, Robert and Argles, Emily [F0046]
Unknown Partner Cook, Robert [I0194]


  1. Argles, Thomas of Epping [I0017]
    1. Arnold, Laetitia Elizabeth [I0018]
      1. Argles, Maria [I0186]
      2. Argles, Marian [I0188]
      3. Argles, Harriett [I0190]
      4. Argles, Eileen [I0191]
      5. Argles, George [I0192]
      6. Argles, Emily
        1. Cook, Robert [I0194]
      7. Argles, Edward [I0195]
      8. Argles, Kate [I0203]
      9. Argles, Laetitia [I0204]
      10. Argles, John Archambo [I0205]
      11. Argles, Charlotte [I0206]
      12. Argles, Peter [I0207]
      13. Argles, Thomas Archambo [I0015]