Argles, Arthur Felix

Birth Name Argles, Arthur Felix
Gramps ID I0062
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Argles, Charles [I0068]
Mother Samson, Mlle (sic) [I0069]
         Argles, Arthur Felix [I0062]
    Brother     Argles, Napoleon Frederick [I0070]
    Brother     Argles, Frank William [I0071]
    Sister     Argles, Julia Alex [I0072]
    Sister     Argles, Celeste [I0073]
    Sister     Argles, Josephine [I0074]
    Brother     Argles, Theodore Emil [I0075]
    Brother     Argles, Augustus Charles [I0076]


    Family of Argles, Arthur Felix and Knight, Rosa [F0015]
Unknown Partner Knight, Rosa [I0063]
  1. Argles, Guy [I0065]
  2. Argles, Oscar [I0066]
  3. Argles, Helen Gladys [I0067]
  4. Argles, Isobella Josephine [I0064]


  1. Argles, Charles [I0068]
    1. Samson, Mlle (sic) [I0069]
      1. Argles, Arthur Felix
        1. Knight, Rosa [I0063]
          1. Argles, Isobella Josephine [I0064]
          2. Argles, Guy [I0065]
          3. Argles, Oscar [I0066]
          4. Argles, Helen Gladys [I0067]
      2. Argles, Napoleon Frederick [I0070]
      3. Argles, Frank William [I0071]
      4. Argles, Julia Alex [I0072]
      5. Argles, Celeste [I0073]
      6. Argles, Josephine [I0074]
      7. Argles, Theodore Emil [I0075]
      8. Argles, Augustus Charles [I0076]