Argles, Elisabeth

Birth Name Argles, Elisabeth
Gramps ID I0112
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Argles, Edmund of Stargrove [I0091]
Mother Sumpter, Catherine [I0092]
    Brother     Argles, Charles [I0083]
    Brother     Argles, Edmund [I0110]
    Sister     Argles, Francis [I0111]
         Argles, Elisabeth [I0112]
    Sister     Argles, Ann [I0113]
    Brother     Argles, Alfred [I0114]
    Brother     Argles, Frederick [I0115]


  1. Argles, Edmund of Stargrove [I0091]
    1. Sumpter, Catherine [I0092]
      1. Argles, Charles [I0083]
      2. Argles, Edmund [I0110]
      3. Argles, Francis [I0111]
      4. Argles, Elisabeth
      5. Argles, Ann [I0113]
      6. Argles, Alfred [I0114]
      7. Argles, Frederick [I0115]