Davys, Margaret Julia

Birth Name Davys, Margaret Julia
Gramps ID I0059
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1816    
Death 1898    


    Family of Argles, Marsham and Davys, Margaret Julia [F0013]
Unknown Partner Argles, Marsham [I0058]
  1. Argles [I0170]
  2. Argles, George Marsham [I0049]
  3. Argles, Charles Davys [I0161]
  4. Argles, Mary Lucy [I0162]
  5. Argles, Alice Julia [I0163]
  6. Argles, Frederick Marsham [I0165]
  7. Argles, Edith [I0166]
  8. Argles, Agnes Beatrice [I0167]


    1. Davys, Margaret Julia
      1. Argles, Marsham [I0058]
        1. Argles, George Marsham [I0049]
        2. Argles, Charles Davys [I0161]
        3. Argles, Mary Lucy [I0162]
        4. Argles, Alice Julia [I0163]
        5. Argles, Frederick Marsham [I0165]
        6. Argles, Edith [I0166]
        7. Argles, Agnes Beatrice [I0167]
        8. Argles [I0170]