Argles, Cecil George

Birth Name Argles, Cecil George
Gramps ID I0046
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 187?    
Death 1950    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Argles, George Marsham [I0049]
Mother Harrison, Mary Ann [I0048]
         Argles, Cecil George [I0046]
    Sister     Argles, Evelyn [I0174]
    Sister     Argles, Ethel Mary [I0175]
    Brother     Argles, Hubert Davys [I0176]
    Brother     Argles, Ronald Marsham [I0177]
    Sister     Argles, Helen Mary [I0178]
    Sister     Argles, Florence Hilda [I0179]
    Sister     Argles, Laura Violet [I0180]
    Sister     Argles, Margaret [I0181]


    Family of Argles, Cecil George and Wailes, Muriel [F0011]
Unknown Partner Wailes, Muriel [I0047]
  1. Argles, Gerard Marsham [I0172]


  1. Argles, George Marsham [I0049]
    1. Harrison, Mary Ann [I0048]
      1. Argles, Cecil George
        1. Wailes, Muriel [I0047]
          1. Argles, Gerard Marsham [I0172]
      2. Argles, Evelyn [I0174]
      3. Argles, Ethel Mary [I0175]
      4. Argles, Hubert Davys [I0176]
      5. Argles, Ronald Marsham [I0177]
      6. Argles, Helen Mary [I0178]
      7. Argles, Florence Hilda [I0179]
      8. Argles, Laura Violet [I0180]
      9. Argles, Margaret [I0181]