Argles, Ruby

Birth Name Argles, Ruby
Gramps ID I0124
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Argles, William Thomas [I0013]
Mother Callum, Helen Gertrude [I0014]
    Brother     Argles, William Archambo [I0011]
    Sister     Argles, Rosa Millicent [I0121]
    Brother     Argles, George [I0122]
    Brother     Argles, Woodfield Harold [I0123]
         Argles, Ruby [I0124]


    Family of Adkins, William and Argles, Ruby [F0032]
Unknown Partner Adkins, William [I0150]


  1. Argles, William Thomas [I0013]
    1. Callum, Helen Gertrude [I0014]
      1. Argles, Ruby
        1. Adkins, William [I0150]
      2. Argles, Rosa Millicent [I0121]
      3. Argles, William Archambo [I0011]
      4. Argles, George [I0122]
      5. Argles, Woodfield Harold [I0123]