Wildish, Ann

Birth Name Wildish, Ann
Gramps ID I0002
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1735    


    Family of Argles, Thomas and Wildish, Ann [F0000]
Married Husband Argles, Thomas [I0000]
  1. Argles, Mary [I0024]
  2. Argles, Elizabeth [I0029]
  3. Argles, Ann [I0027]
  4. Argles, Sarah [I0025]
  5. Argles, Thomas [I0005]
  6. Argles, Hannah [I0026]
  7. Argles, Edward [I0028]


    1. Wildish, Ann
      1. Argles, Thomas [I0000]
        1. Argles, Thomas [I0005]
        2. Argles, Mary [I0024]
        3. Argles, Sarah [I0025]
        4. Argles, Hannah [I0026]
        5. Argles, Ann [I0027]
        6. Argles, Edward [I0028]
        7. Argles, Elizabeth [I0029]